Palfinger – WT 350

Palfinger – WT 350

Technical Specification

  • Working height max 35m
  • Cage floor height max 33m
  • Nominal cage load max 350kg
  • Cage measurements (L x B x H) Standard: 1.8m x 0.8m x 1.1m
  • Swivel angle of the cage 2 x 80″
  • Cage boom angle 195*
  • Turntable rotation 540*
  • When mounted on 14t chassis
    • Reach (cage not swivelled) 29.30m
    • Travelling width max 6.25m
    • Reach (ahead) max 19m
    • Reach (narrow stabilisation) max 14m
    • Travelling height approx 3.5m
    • Travelling length approx 8.8m
  • When mounted on 18t chassis
    • Reach (cage not swivelled) 28.50m
    • Travelling width max 4.38m
    • Reach (ahead) max 25m
    • Reach (narrow stabilisation) max 17.5m
    • Travelling height approx 3.4m
    • Travelling length approx 9.2m

Standard Equipment

  • Assembly onto a stumble chassis (also all-wheel)
  • Stable chassis covering made of aluminium bulb plate
  • Aluminium side walls mounted on the chassis decking
  • Extensive anti-corrosive package
  • Variable stabilising width / outreach adjustment
  • Four spreader splats with brackets
  • Interchangeable aluminium cage
  • Cage centring (transport position indication)
  • Two anchor points for safety harness in the cage
  • Relocatable control panel with proactive cover and illumination of display and push-buttons.
  • Flyboom movement without stabilisation
  • Fully-fledged secondary/emergency control at the base
  • All movement functions have end stop damping
  • Automatic self-retracting into basic position (“Home Function”)
  • Cage capacity monitoring with display indication
  • Cage contact safeguard
  • Motor-start-stop from all control panels
  • Emergency lowering system in the cage
  • 24V emergency pump
  • Battery voltage monitoring in the cage
  • Electrical power line 230 V/10A with RCD
  • CE-mark, declaration of conformity, test certification

Download the WT 350 spec sheet.

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